Brisqi's roadmap update (May 3)



Quick Summary (May 3, 2021)

  • Android app has been released. You can get it here.
  • iOS app has been released. You can get it here.
  • Some features are missing from initial version of the mobile app, they will be available in the future. (See more below)
  • I'll resume development on Desktop app for now and I'll be adding features, fixing bugs and improving overall performance. (See more below)

Features missing from initial version of the mobile app:

Following are features which are missing for now, but I'll come back to them after I'm done with next round of desktop app development.

  • Drag and drop card to a different list.

    This functionality is very time consuming to implement so I decided not to implement it for now. However, to move a card to a different list, you can go to a card and from the "Card List" menu, select a different list. This will move the card to the top of the other list so that it's easier to see that the card has been moved. Personally, I find moving card from the "Card List" menu a lot easier than dragging the card side ways on a mobile app, but I understand some users prefer dragging instead.

  • Markdown support for description and comments.

    I've been trying to find reliable ways to implement markdown functionality in the mobile app. It's not same as the desktop app as the library I'm using to convert markdown into rich text in the desktop app is not supported for mobile app. Therefore, this feature won't be there for now.

  • Changing card list color.

    This wasn't a high priority at this time so it will not be there in the first version.

  • Reordering subtasks.

    Not a high priority feature as of now, but it will get there eventually.

Resuming desktop app development

I'll be back to desktop app development now since work on initial version of mobile app is done.

Following are some of the things I plan to add to the next version(0.5.0) of the desktop app:

  • Expand/Collapse side panel.
  • Due date for cards. Due to requests from many users, I've decided to add this feature in this upcoming release.
  • Ability to change label text and colors.
  • Replace title bar so it goes with the overall UI of the app.
  • Bug fixes reported by the user on issue tracker.
  • UI improvements.
  • Performance improvements.

Following features will be added in version 0.6.0:

  • Filter by Labels.
  • Context menu for cards (Edit, copy, delete and add card above/below).
  • Pining cards feature. Initially I was planning to add Pinning Boards feature in this release, but I decided to postpone it to a later version.
  • Ability to change backup location (Standard plan only).
  • UI improvements.

Please feel free to provide any feedback/suggestions and if you find any issues, I'd appreciate it if you could report it here -

Thank you.

Thank you for using Brisqi, it makes me really happy to know that users like you find Brisqi useful. If you have any questions, you can reach me on Twitter or by email at

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Thank you

Thank you for using Brisqi. If you have any questions, you can reach me on Twitter or by email at

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