December Update



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v0.11.0 Update (Dec 23)

  • Archiving cards feature is now available. (Basic and Standard plan only)


  • Fixed issue - When searching a board and then selecting another board, screen would sometimes go blank.
  • Fixed issue - Labels of previously selected board showed up in the newly created board and caused blank screen issue if the label was applied to a card.
  • Performance improvements.
  • UI improvements.
  • Other minor fixes.

v0.10.0 Update (Nov 29)

  • Fixed an issue - when the data is restored from a backup on a new computer, clicking on a board shows blank screen unexpectedly.
  • Search results now show list name below card's text.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Minor UI improvements.

v0.9.1 Update (Nov 4)

  • Fixed issue - when a board is copied with cards, on right clicking one of the card, screen sometimes went blank.
  • Fixed issue - if a new board had labels but cards were not assigned any, then card's right-click menu didn't show default list of labels.
  • Full date format is now shown when hovering hover due dates on cards.
  • Other minor fixes and UI improvements.

Brisqi mobile app v0.3.6 Update (Oct 17)

  • New cards are now added to the top of the list from the add card button.
  • Fixed - comment's timestamp didn't convert to local time correctly.
  • Fixed - Long label texts pushed checkbox outside the screen.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

v0.9.0 Update (Oct 12)

Features & enhancements:

  • Copy board feature now provides option to copy labels, lists, cards, subtasks and comments. Cards, subtasks and comments options are only available with Basic and Standard plan.


  • Comments can now be edited. (Basic and Standard plan only)


  • Color picker added for selecting custom colors for label and list colors. (Basic and Standard plan only)


  • Markdown format menu added for card description and comments to easily format text. (Basic and Standard plan only).


  • Label selection options added in the card's right-click menu.


  • Comments can be now ordered by newest or oldest.
  • You can now search for labels when selecting labels from the label menu.
  • Cards now can be added to the bottom of the list by clicking on '+' button at the bottom of the list and '+' button at the top can be now used to add cards to the top of the list.
  • Cards can now be moved to either top or bottom of the list from the context menu.
  • Card title now wraps around due date instead of showing on a separate line.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed - Dragging cards sometimes caused ghost tiles.
  • Fixed - when signed out/offline, on startup, loading boards message did not show up.
  • Fixed - sign in dialog did not hide sometimes when user was signed in.
  • Fixed - in card description when going from edit mode to markdown mode, scroll position was not retained.
  • Fixed - if a subtask text was removed while editing, subtask's text did not revert back to original text.
  • Fixed - 'Add Group' dialog box did not hide after creating a group.
  • Fixed few syncing issues.
  • UI improvements.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

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