How to add custom colors for lists and labels


How To

Custom color for labels

  • Go to board settings by clicking on ellipsis icon next to the board name, then click on 'Edit'.


  • Click on configure labels.


  • Click on the color square, then in the color selector menu, click on '+' button.


  • Select a color from the color picker and then click on the '+' button to add the color.


  • Once the color has been added, select the newly added color by clicking on it and then create a new label.


Custom color for lists

  • Open list options menu by clicking on the ellipsis icon and then click on 'Change Color'.


  • If you created a new color from above, then that color will be automatically available in the color selector menu. If you didn't create a color, then just click on the '+' button to create a custom color.


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